Keeping Our Clients at the Forefront of the Selling Process,   and Engaged with the Patients

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Increase Patient Compliance and Grow Business
Compliant patients can be directly correlated to growth in the Sleep Care Business model. Consistent contact with your patients, focused on a patients benefit from therapy and hygiene will in turn help improve a revenue stream. iAssist™ Sleep Care Professionals, are trained to educate the patients on the potential degradation of equipment that can lead to less effective therapy, and the process set forth in replacing supplies associated with their CPAP machine.

Increased compliance equals increased revenue. Industry statistics show that on average 46%¹ of patients on PAP therapy are deemed compliant based on an average use of 4+ hours per night. iAssist™ Clients are currently experiencing a PAP Therapy Compliance rating of ±82%.

Increase Market Share
iAssist™ provides accountability through real-time data. With the consistent follow up program and the online tool to access data for a patient, your referral sources will see firsthand the care you are providing to the patient they have trusted your business with. Our protocol, online data collection and delivery, allows the DME to partner with Physicians by having Physicians and Sleep Centers.

Increased Flexibility
Reducing the interaction time with patients for Customer Service, allows resources to focus on revenue producing events. The program and data that iAssist™ provides is an extension of your corporation. Keeping you at the forefront of the selling process and engaged with the patients.

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Unbiased, Real Time Data, to Assess Therapy


iAssist™ protocol provides early intervention and ongoing tracking of a patient’s therapy with personalized phone contact to assist the patient and their clinical network to address that patient’s needs. iAssist™ tracks measurable outcomes such as average Nightly Use of PAP Device, average Bed Time, Sleepiness Levels, Witnessed Snoring and Apnea, Weight Monitoring, and other underlying medical conditions and medications that may compound unfavorable results of PAP Therapy.

Through the Patient Management Program, iAssist™ provides goals and resolutions to patients challenges with Therapy. iAssist™ is focused on education and support on the patient’s success in therapy. iAssist™ provides an approach to new patients with empathy and empowerment.

Physicians have the ability to have unbiased, real time data, that can be used to assess therapy. iAssist™ includes a comprehensive Therapy Profile which allows the monitoring of pressure settings, product and interface preferences, and up to date payer information.

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Reporting Functionality that Communicates Therapy Benefit

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The protocol is built on early intervention and consistent follow up to track and trend a patient’s therapy. We offer one on one coaching to the patient to help motivate the therapy that has been provided by medical experts. Our protocol is consistent with AASM standards for patient follow up.

iAssist™ includes a comprehensive Therapy Profile which allows the monitoring of pressure settings, product and interface preferences, and up to date payer information. Follow-up data is available through the medical history which records and gauges weight change, sleepiness and witnessed apnea plus changes in high blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI). This information associated with defined algorithms developed by iAssist™ produces the reporting functionality and identifiable issues that communicate therapy benefits for the patient.

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Medication Management


Optimizing therapeutic outcomes by improving the use of medications by patients with chronic conditions and multiple prescribed medications, is key to the growth of a pharmacy business. iAssistRx™ promotes and encourages the ongoing relationship with your patients and provides real-time data to the pharmacist.

The Medication Management Program is designed to aide your organization with compliance, increased revenue, consistent patient contact. The program promotes increased nebulizer and disposable sales, increased pharmacy medication orders and an improved understanding of the patient’s condition and on-going clinical needs.

Reporting such as daily orders, event summaries, exception reports, are provided for the daily management of the patients. Our trained and dedicated staff develops a unique understanding to each individual’s needs, while helping to identify potential further clinical assessments.

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