Maximum Return for Prescribed Therapy

With a devoted staff, patient interaction is personalized through a consultative relationship. Each patient is assigned a professional supporting them through education and ultimately empowering you in therapy. Our goal is to help in the maximum return for prescribed therapy. We want to identify and resolve potential therapy barriers, help each patient obtain compliance and guide them through the network of professionals involved in their therapy. Our real time online tool allows network professionals to view progress and track efforts around prescribed therapy, ultimately increasing compliance and assisting patients in the benefit of therapy.

  Personal Sleep Coach

We are empathetic, yet firm with our coaching, working to understand and educate the patient on their diagnosis, how the new therapy should impact their lives, and what type of circumstances to expect daily, weekly and ongoing. Each personal sleep coach consistently goes through an equipment inspection, to ensure hygienic requirements are met and help the patient replace any equipment when required. Our interest lies in the ultimate success of the patient’s therapy. The online, real time web application allows all network parties to access that information and data.

Promote Education and Awareness

In the course of therapy, compliance is dictated by use, with use equating to Therapeutic benefit. iAssist™ recognizes that data alone does not calculate successful outcomes. Therefore, a tremendous amount of energy has been put forth to recognize and recruit extraordinary individuals in the field of respiratory and polysomnography. Clinicians, technicians and experienced staff associated with iAssist™ provide education, support, encouragement and problem solving ability to endorse and attain patient compliance with prescribed therapy. Our staff promotes education and awareness to the conditions and diseases that afflict the patient while providing encouragement. In addition, iAssist™ will consult and confer with the physician or sleep center on patients experiencing difficulty with their therapy in anticipation of achieving favorable outcomes. A physician or sleep center can expect iAssist™ to contact its patients based on the iAssist™ Follow Up Protocol.